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Portable Fireplace

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This glass and stainless steel fireplace, uses similar technology to chaffing dishes (only on steroids) by burning gelled ethanol – which has the added advantage of producing no smoke, ash or soot as it burns. But it does provide some very romantic atmosphere thanks to its colorful flames.

With no smoke or ash, thee Vidro is ideal for apartments who want to enjoy the ambience of a fireplace without having one. You don’t have to travel to really take advantage of this portable fireplace called the Vidro. But you do have to have a thick wallet to afford it. Cost hovers around $1,000. Ouch.


The Obama Watch

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     Actually the brandname of this watch is Jorg Gray, but the ‘nickname’ (barackswatch) came when President Obama was seen sporting the black chronograph watch(a gift from one of his security) in place of his usual TAG Heuer. Even though little is known about the watch brand, they claim their timepieces ‘make the difference between winnig and losing’. Price? $325.

Old Skool P.I.M.P?

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Very courageous and daring! I do not think there are many men who could pull off something like this! In my mind though am thinking this man must have been a pimp back in the day. Needless to say, he is very well put together(especially for a PIMP).

Silk Organza

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      Now this is a very nice organza blouse. The purple colour and the transperancy with the bow all combine together to give a ‘sexy but still serious enough for work’  look. Just don’t wear it to a boardroom meeting full of men if you expect to be heard.

Bow tie vest

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     This is a simple but magnificent piece of attire. The added bow takes alot of ‘seriousness’ away from the native vest giving it a refreshingly different look. Even with that, the vest could still be worn with a long sleeve shirt and a skirt or pants and still have a serious look(if  you’re the boss). The purple is one of the few colours(i imagine) that would take this vest from good to perfect.

Tokyo Flash ‘Barcode’ part 2

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     I was going through the archives and realized that i never did quite find out how this ‘barcode’ watch actually works. So i did a little research and found an article thats explains how.

     The black IP, silver stainless steel splits into 4 black lines in which the white LED’s display the Time/Date/Day function, when the LED’s are illuminated though the mineral glass they almost have a blue tone emphasising the futuristic appeal of this watch. On the right hand side of the face as you look at the watch is the ‘A’ button which protrudes from the side, this button can be pressed to display the time, again to show the date and again to show the day. When the button is pressed there is a randomised ‘light show’ before the time is shown on the face.        

Between 1 a.m. and 6 p.m. the watch will display a short random light show every minute for 12 minutes after the button has been pressed. What makes this watch so unique and attractive is the exclusivity it has to the wearer as there would only ever be  a select number of people (Those who have the Tokyo Flash know how) who would be able to use this watch, making it individual to the wearer. HOW TO TELL THE TIME: There are 4 lines to the face which are used to tell the time and date. There are 4 LEDS that illuminate at the top of each line according to what the display is showing so line 1 shows the ‘TM’ Time Function, line 2 shows the ‘Dt’ Date function, Line 3 displays the ‘Wk’ Day-of-the-week function and finally the 4th LED shows the ‘PM’ function.      

  1: The first bar displays 5 LED’s which light up according every 5th HOUR so 1 LED = 5 HOURS.   

  2: The second column shows the HOUR after the 5 so 1 LED = 1 HOUR    

  3: The third column displays the MINUTES past the hour to the 10 so 1 LED = 10 MINUTES.                  

  4: The last column represents the MINUTES after the 10 so 1 LED = 1 MINUTE                                                                                

  SO…If there are 3 lights in the 1st line, 3 lights in the 2nd, 4 lights in the 3rd and 9 in the 4th then the time would be 06:49 or 18:49 (if the PM light is illuminated in the top right corner).


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     David and Victoria Beckham…always in style.