The Shirt
1) Make sure you choose the proper sleeve length, which means the cuff should sit exactly on the base of the hand.
2) Cuffs should be quite narrow around the wrist, just a little wider on the side where you wear your watch.
3) High in the armpits, tight around the shoulders. Not all brands have this, especially American brands, they are likely to be way too wide. Try GESINDECLOTHING for a proper shirt.

The Suit
4) Sleeve length of the suit should be about quarter of an inch(minimum) to half an inch(maximum) shorter than the shirt sleeve for the right look. If more, your appearance will instantly become shabby.                                                             5) High in the armpits, natural fits on shoulders to follow the shirt. So please, no broad type shoulder pads to appear muscular, you will only look like a bouncer.
6) A sleek fit on the body is extremly essential; make sure the jacket can just about close. If this can be too easily done, your jacket is too big and should be taken in.
7) No pleats on the front of pants, they make it wide and old-fashioned. Go for narrow, but make sure you can still sit down comfortably. This does not mean ‘get them wider so car keys and wallet fit in it’, these have no business being in the pants of your suit anyway.
8) Pants should sit right on the shoe or just above, no folds, it will make you look smaller and older, and definitely not slim or stylish. You can choose for a turnover on the pants, but I prefer them without.

The Shoes
10) Buy a high-quality brand and fit, it’s the first people will look at and it’s all about comfort.
11) Buy a distinct colour like the Italians do. Light brown, cognac, even suede can be very stylish. Black is always the safe choice, but make sure you have options and alternatives to stand out.

The Socks
12) Buy a comfortable brand that you feel happy with. Now buy only this brand, only in one color, black is always good. You will never have to search for and match your socks again. Ignore this advice, and you will be looking in frustration for huge amounts of time to come.
13) Make sure the socks are long enough, even covering up to the trouser leg while sitting down. A hairy leg is not a pretty sight to look at for anyone.

The Tie
14) Go for high-quality silk, it will last forever. You can tie it with a ‘goccia’ (a little dent below the knot).
15) Choose a single Windsor, Windsor, four in hand or a Victorian knot, based on preference but more importantly based on the type of spread on your shirt. Wide spread will call for a Windsor, semi-wide more probably for a Victorian or single Windsor.
16) Choose a tie with at least one color in it that matches shirt or suit in case of a striped pattern tie. Or otherwise, a white shirt is always a safe choice, and can be combined with numerous lightly patterned or plain ties in a wide range of colors.


One Response to “HOW TO WEAR A SUIT.”

  1. Cheers 4 dis. This is good advice.Will definitely take these into consideration next time im ordering a suit.

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