Between Sport jackets, Blazers and Suits

suit sports-jacket blazer

     Quite a number of people have asked me for the differences between a blazer, a suit and a sport jacket. Assuming there are alot of people out there who ask these very same queations, i’ve decided to put up this article to address these issues as plainly and as detailed as possible.

     Simply put a suit jacket comes with matching pants, blazers mostly come in plain fabrics and solid colours(like black, the traditional navy blue, dark grey and plain dark colours in general) while sport jackets come in all manner of designs and fabrics (note: both the blazers and sport jackets don’t come with pants).

     In detail:


 Today’s sport jackets are dressy jackets, looser cut than a suit jacket, with or without pocket flaps worked in various usually less formal fabrics(such as tweeds, linens silks etc) and colours. They may or may not have elbow patches and have two or three plastic (and sometimes leather) buttons.


Blazers were originally emblazoned with a badge or patch from a private school or club. They were usually navy blue, or the official colour of the club or school. Now it means a solid colored jacket, with two or three buttons (with some in two rows (double breasted) and worn with non-matching pants. The buttons were usually gold, silver or brass. Nowadays they could also be plastic.


Suits are made of fine fabrics, fitted, tailored, lined, and the pants and jacket are made from the same fabric. Business suits usually have two or three buttons, some modern cuts have four(though i’d never recommed one), but only two or three are fastened.


One Response to “Between Sport jackets, Blazers and Suits”

  1. Dotun Ogunlela Says:

    these are really nice blazers. i love the first combination best. it so sleek.

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