Portable Fireplace



This glass and stainless steel fireplace, uses similar technology to chaffing dishes (only on steroids) by burning gelled ethanol – which has the added advantage of producing no smoke, ash or soot as it burns. But it does provide some very romantic atmosphere thanks to its colorful flames.

With no smoke or ash, thee Vidro is ideal for apartments who want to enjoy the ambience of a fireplace without having one. You don’t have to travel to really take advantage of this portable fireplace called the Vidro. But you do have to have a thick wallet to afford it. Cost hovers around $1,000. Ouch.


2 Responses to “Portable Fireplace”

  1. Looks like sumden I’d cop if it were much bigger.
    the 1,000 isn’t too bad, what matters is the cost of keeping it running, how much is ethanol.

  2. Now dats swagger right there. Only for d grown and sexy. However i think id prefer one that was fixed.

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