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Sony next generation portable (NGP).

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Behold, Zappelin Air.

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Image 2 - Zeppelin Air with iPhone Angle Beauty

When Bowers & Wilkins unveiled its original Zeppelin iPod dock in 2008, one look told us it was going to be special. Now B&W have gone and done it all over again with the Zeppelin Air.

Esquire has had a sneak preview of the system, and even though the look remains much the same from the outside (thankfully B&W has not tried to fix what patently wasn’t broken), it’s the internal changes that make all the difference. The dock is still there, but now, with wireless playback using Apple’s AirPlay, linking your iPhone, computer or iPad to stream music through the speakers is, ahem, a breeze. Set up a multi-room system and adjust volume in different locations, playing the same or different playlists on separate machines while using your iPhone to control one or more Zeppelin Airs throughout your house (the systems have a wireless range of about 30m).

Naturally, the sound quality has been overhauled as well, with B&W’s trademarked Flowport tech plus the four 25W and single 50W improved drive units delivering crystal clarity, even at bone-shaking volumes. But it’s the new Digital Signal Processing ability that shines for us. It neatly alters frequencies when necessary (notching up the bass at very low volume, for example, to stop audio going tinny), making sure you always get the best playback whether your trashing fuel prices over dinner or throwing tequila-fuelled shapes in the small hours., £500 (available in March)

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iPhone 4 Hands On Review

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Wonder what it is with Apple and Macy Gray???

More on the LG GD900 Crystal.

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     I was never a fan on LG phones, i always insisted on Nokia, but recently Nokia has been letting me down. I always bought Nokia phones because they were durable, stylish, user friendly, and affordable. Now they still have some stylish phones, but not as stylish as some of their competitors, some of their phones aren’t as user friendly as they should be, their prices seem to now be in the range of their competitors, thus making them loose their advantage, and forget about durability. Every recent phone i (and alot of  ‘former Nokia die hards’ i know)have purchased from Nokia always seem to have one fault or the other, within the first six months.

I still use a Nokia at the moment(E51, which has a fault that two Nokia care centers told me cannot be fixed), but within the next two months or so, i’ll be switching my loyalty.

If LG play their cards right and keep realeasing amazing phones like this, they just might be ‘the new Nokia’.

LG GD900 Crystal

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LG GD900 Crystal

     The LG GD900 Crystal which LG debuted at the GSMA World Congress, will be the world’s first phone with a transparent design handset. Not everything on the slider handset is transparent but the rear slider is translucent and the keypad gives off a brilliant glittering glow. Specs on technical details on the LG GD900 was limited, but LG will make sure to bring out the specs for review later this year.


       According to the manufacturer, the device will not be just a fashion accessory (though i’m sure thats what most would buy it for cos when the phone gets opened, it will be sure to attract everyone’s attention, since a light will illuminate the transparent keyboard ), but will also incorporate high-tech features and will come with a bluetooth headset which will be just as impressive!

    Expect the LG GD900 clear handset phone to show up in stores sometime in the third quarter of 2009.

Arena KM900 by LG

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Arena KM900

     The newest entrant into a crowded touch-screen arena, LG’s latest looks familiar (iPhone, anyone?) but stands out thanks to its 3D interface. Menus can be dragged and rotated like different sides of a cube – not quite Minority Report, but impressive all the same. Other features include a five-megapixel camera, front camera for video calling and a 3.5mm jack so you can plug in some decent headphones – music to our ears. Also available in black (pictured), exclusively to T-Mobile.

Pacemaker by Tonium

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     Last night a handheld DJ device saved my life? Not quite. But the ultra-portable Tonium Pacemaker – essentially two MP3 players and a mixer in one – can certainly save would-be Sir Mixalots from lugging their decks around at least. Everything you need to get the party started (plus a safety feature that prevents you stopping proceedings by playing a song inadvertently), this latest version lets you import your iTunes library and automatically match up the tempo of tracks so you never miss a beat.