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Getting to know Esquire’s best dressed real man in America 2010, Fan favourite.

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Navy Suit by Banana Republic. Custom Shirt by J.Hilburn. Tie by Club Room, Shoes by Zota

Shawl Neck Sweater and a Bowtie

Boots by Asos - Shirt & Tie by Club Room - Jeans by Levi - Blazer & Cardigan by H&M

Recently got a hold of Mr Sabir Peele, and and was granted an interview, but before going on to that, here’s his brief biography.

Sabir M. Peele is a guy from North Philadelphia with a passion for quality men’s style. Not a trust fund kid or lottery winner, Sabir has made his way through life using his quick acquisition of knowledge and ability to work hard. Sabir writes articles for the as the Philadelphia Men’s Style Examiner. Finding some style success as being named the winner of the King of Prussia Mall style contest in 2008, as well as national acclaim for being named one of Esquire Magazines 5 “Best Dressed Real Men in America 2010” (being named the fan favorite for this contest too).

What trends do you see being big for 2011?

I feel that colored chinos and boat shoes will be big this season going into the spring and winter. Boat shoes made a huge splash last year but some people were hesitant about purchasing them. So look out because Sperry sales should be on the rise and other companies have taken to the boat shoe market as well. In the world of colored chinos, men will be more apt to trying a color outside of the grey and blue range this year. I am forecasting a spike in sell of lighter blues, greens and yellows in the chino world.

You seem pretty knowledgable about mens fashion. Are you as knowledgeable with womens fashion?

To be honest I know little about womens fashion. I know some designers but overall I know when a woman looks great. When a women is beaming with confidence and her clothes fit well that’s good enough for me.

Being fan favourite means if it were up to the fans, you’d probably have won the competition, thats huge. Do you ever get worried or frustrated when you walk out the door that maybe your look or outfit might put a dent in the title, even if its just for that day?

You know what, being fan favourite is a huge honor and I don’t really feel pressure to make sure I am impeccably dressed when I step out of the door. I generally dress with my sense of style that translate well. When I get dressed to just run errands, my style is pretty casual with some infusion of “dapper” style, but, never overboard.

If you had to give one piece of advice to a man wishing to become stylish, what would it be?

Get to know your actual size. Men are afraid to have their clothes fit well because they think it is too feminine. Find a good tailor and get measured. Also, learn some of the general style rules and adopt a few to stick to, once you have them down to a science break them some. You will get some great style ideas once you learn how to break the style rules.

What is your favourite fashion season?

I do really enjoy the fall. When the season calls for a blazer I think it is the best time of the year. Early spring has the same clothing affect for me but with less layers.

What style mistakes do you wish you could change in most men?

Square toed shoes and skinny jeans are style mistakes I wish i could change for people. I feel that skinny jeans should be left for women and square toed shoes should be for place-kickers.

With all your fashion knowledge, why not work in the fashion industry?

I have thought about a career in men’s fashion/style but I am not sure what facet. I do enjoy working in higher education so I am satisfied with my career at the moment. We will see what I have in the works in the near future, so stay tuned.

Tell us five style mistakes you have made over the years.

Back in the day I wore square toed shoes (but someone else was paying and I was young).
– Baggy jeans. Can’t forget that I grew up in Philly and that was the style.
– Oversized stud earrings.
– Jeans with way to much embroidering.
– Thinking I could wear any suit jacket with jeans.

Apart from your daily occupation as a counsellor, you are also a style consultant, how are you able to juggle the two and still have time for leisure?

Really, I just use every hour of my day. I am not tied down to the style side but it is a passion so when I am putting effort into it I go full force when need. A big part of my style is leisure. So to keep myself sane I have to have a leisure side to my life. For everyone life is a juggling act and I guess I juggle well.

How would you describe your style, and why pick that over all the rest?

Personally, I feel that my style is business chic. I mix a lot of elements from different Italian & English style into my everyday business looks as well as my leisure looks. In picking this style over the rest I feel that it best represents me with my business minded nature and sense of classic worldly style elements.

What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to being stylish?

Weakness: I am still getting my fits down. I come from an athletic background (Track & Field athlete for 13 years) which makes my body sometimes difficult to fit 100%.

What do you think of trainers/sneakers? Do you wear them?

– I love sneakers and trainers. I grew up on Jordans and other basketball sneakers. As I got older ive moved more into Drivers and Canvas trainers. If you see my most recent post on you will see a pair of canvas Lands End tennis trainers that I swear by.


Backpack Troubles.

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Q:      I wear a suit to work most days and usually have to bring stuff (papers, books, etc.) back and forth. Right now I use a backpack, but it seems so high school. A briefcase, on the other hand, seems uptight. Plus, I like to have my hands free. What do you recommend?

Jeremy Cole.


A:     I think a briefcase would have been a fine choice, they don’t have to be uptight, but then you say you like to have your hands free. Ok, hears what i suggest. If you change your mind about or find a briefcase that isn’t ‘uptight’, you could get one with a shoulder strap. I currently carry a brown Hugo Boss shoulder bag, only just big enough to carry my 15” laptop and another pocket for a self development book, a magazine, a notebook(paper), and one of my phones. I think it’s the perfect compromise between a briefcase, and a backpack.

Future fashion sketch artist.

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Q:          Im 12 years old and I have a crave for design. The only problem is I have no clue how to sketch a modle I have made clothes in my past three years and I wear them all the time they just express me and I would love to know how to sketch hair and the face and body please replie to me I would love to hear from a real fashion sketch artist!
From: The future fashion sketch artist.






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Dress shirts without front pockets.

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Q:          More and more, I’m seeing dress shirts without front pockets. Are they more formal than shirts with two pockets, or are they just a fleeting fashion trend?                          

Ken Simplton.


A:          Personally, I prefer dress shirts without front pockets. I don’t like the idea of putting things in your front pocket(unless you really need that extra space), because they look bulky and in my own opinion distracts and detracts from the beauty of the shirt.

               Alot of European shirtmakers don’t put pockets on their shirts, assuming you’d be wearing (a vest and) a jacket with more than enough storage space. Hermès seems to have a policy that makes a bit of sense though: Its button-downs have pockets; its spread-collar shirts don’t.

             I also think dress shirts without front pockets adds alot of sleekness to your look.



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Dress shirt dilemma

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A:          I have been invited to a wedding in Tuscany where I am going to be an usher. The bride and groom have asked me to wear a grey suit with a dress shirt. I always thought of dress shirts as something one wears with a dinner jacket: frilly, patterned or golf-ball front, possibly (though not exclusively) butterfly collars, etc. Clearly this is not required with a plain old grey suit. Can you cast any light on the subject?

Anthony Stanton.


Q:          A dress shirt would normally be described as one that is worn with either a black or white tie. It can either have an attached or detached collar. More often than not it will require studs rather than buttons, but if buttoned these will be concealed.

              Still the idea of wearing a dress shirt with a regular suit, sounds a bit strange, unless your friends meant a grey morning suit, as in tails. If not, then (in these circumstances) a dress shirt would probably mean a plain white plain-front long-sleeved well-ironed white shirt. Might I add that you should avoid a button-down collar.

             Also consider going for a button rather than a double cuff as you may want to take your jacket off and roll up your sleeves so won’t want to be bothered with cufflinks. Thomas Pink does a “Traveller” shirt, which has a special finish that minimises creasing and is in a two-fold cotton that helps keep you cool. I hear Tuscan heat is nothing to play with, could be a blessing.

Mix match issues.

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Q:      I want to know if it’s acceptable to wear a watch with, say, a black strap while sporting brown leather shoes. David Tropven.


A:     According to a GQ article I read once, the answer is yes. But personally I really think it depends on what you are wearing. For instance, I think it would be wise if you are dressing for an event or special occassion, to match all the leather you wear. But if you are dressing casually, then yes I think you can get away with it.

         Another option you might want to consider is wearing a watch with metal bracelets.



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Fact or Fiction

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Q:     Is it acceptable to buy a fake watch? I hanker for a Panerai Luminor Marina, but I can’t afford a real one.    Stanley Edmund.


A:     Personally, I’d rather go watchless than own a fake classic. It wouldn’t matter if other people didn’t know. I would. You see, with a quality watch, you’re not just buying the stylish exterior but also the engineering masterpiece on the inside. I would equate buying a fake classic to buying a Lamborghini powered by the engine of a celing fan,(and just imagine how you’d look if people gave you props for the watch only to find out later that its been a fake all the while). Besides, part of the joy of owning a genuine work of art timepiece, is the length of time it took you to save  before you could acquire the watch. So be patient, aim for quality and start saving.