Cap sleeve dress


     Why do i like this dress? Well, there are a number of reasons. First of all its made from the same type of wool fabric that is used to make sweaters, which means it stretches, which in turn means it would be a good fit for a number of sizes.

     Secondly the design of the dress itself  i belive is classic and will probably never go out of style.

     Another reason is that you could wear it with or without accessories, with almost any type of shoe, and to almost any place. In my own opinion its almost as versatile as….well jeans. I think it’ll make alot of sense if every woman had two or three of this type of dress in her wordrobe(different colours of course).

     So the next time you are standing in front of your wordrobe wondering what to wear for an outing(please note the word ‘outing’ meaning here informal, not an event where you’d have to wear a proper dress or even a gown), and you already own a dress like this, be it to work or maybe a date, may i suggest you give the dress a good amount of consideration.


2 Responses to “Cap sleeve dress”

  1. I like this. I’d look twice at any woman wearing this in the summer.
    but she’d have to be slim, like the model.
    It really silhouettes her shape, problem with wearing this in winter is u would have to wear layers, which would probably subtract from the whole look.

  2. Dotun Ogunlela Says:

    Nice! i love this. would even love 2 av a few styles like this. think it’ll fit my slender frame jst

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