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Cool as white.

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I don’t care what you say, but to me nothing looks cooler than a white well fitted shirt. Worn alone it looks absolutely stunning. Think about it. this single piece of clothing is so cool when worn well it makes people look twice when you walk down the street or into bar.

A well fitted white shirt, like blue denims and a classic cut black suit is one of the safest piece of clothing you can own, and its also the perfect base layer for pairing underneath cardigans, blazers, long jackets or just about anything else. Now if that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is.

From preppy to punk the white shirt is a basic must have for all wardrobes.

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Getting a Signature Fragrance.

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As far back as I can remember, my dad has had three signature fragrances; Old Spice, Polo Green, and Aramis. They all have strong scents in common, and they last.

Like my dad, you should know what you want in a signature fragrance as people will come to associate you with it.

Finding the perfect fragrance  isn’t a walk in the park however, as its not just about picking a nice smelling perfume. A perfume could smell really good in the bottle and even when sprayed in the air, but smell quite differently when sprayed on your skin.

So here are a few tips on choosing a perfume that will be your signature fragrance.

Know your preferred scent. There are about four categories of perfume scents: FRESH (citrus, marine, green grass/leaves), Floral (rose, gardenia, jasmine) WOODY (woods and moss), and ORIENTAL (spices, vanilla, patchouli). So if you do not like floral scents, you will not want to wear a gardenia perfume.

Utilise your sense of smell. Go to a perfume counter and ask the sales associate to try some of the perfumes. Try as many as four perfumes, spraying a different one on each wrist, and inner elbow. Don’t make a decision just yet, leave the store and walk around for a good 30 minutes or so to give time for the scents to mix with your body chemistry. Write down the names of the fragrances on each corresponding inner elbow and wrist so you don’t forget what scent is where. Avoid spraying your neck and behind your ears, as you will not be able to accurately judge the scents there.

Ask for opinions. When walking around ask for opinions. A fragrance only you approves of won’t do much good. The look of disgust on people you stand next to on the way to work can easily put a dent in your confidence.

Also, hunt around for the best price. You’ll probably find that department stores have the highest prices. With that in mind you can save money by purchasing your fragrance through an outlet mall. Usually anything purchased at an outlet mall is a little bit cheaper. So it might make the fragrance you are seeking for, a little more affordable.

Finding a signature fragrance could take a while, but its definitely worth the journey.

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London Fashion Week round up…part 2.

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Alfred Dunhill

Burberry Prorsum.

David Koma


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London Fashion Weekend

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Judging from the turnout at this years London Fashion Weekend, with an average of about 500 people per show, it was a success. From designs inspired by the black swan movie, to no-nonsense summer day wear, every designer had something to offer. Sharp tailoring and subtle designs made up a beautifully managed show with all the quality but less of the pizzazz. Enjoy.

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London Fashion Week round up in pictures…part 1.

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Paul Costelloe

Jean-Pierre Braganza


Paul Smith



Mr Start

Christopher Shannon

J. W. Anderson

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