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Jean Paul Gaultier 2010 menswear

Posted in No-No's with tags , , on June 28, 2009 by Jaiye Gesinde

     No disrespect to Jean Paul Gaultier, but I’m sure we can guess why….

…..this model looks like he’s being humiliated, and why…..

……this model has the look of someone with revenge on his mind.



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     I really wish i had something nice to say about Rihanna’s outfit, after all the Chris Brown drama, but this isn’t a sympathy blog. This is one of (probably in the top five) the ugliest suit jackets i’ve ever seen. I mean i can see what she was going for but the outcome is just awful.

    The gloves, pants and shoes are really nice, but the jacket makes her look (in my opinion) like a butterfly and i dont believe thats the look she was going for. Whats most annoying is that the suit is a Dolce & Gabbana.

     Dear viewers, just because an outfit is designer dosent mean it’ll automatically look good on you. Some outfits aren’t meant to leave the runway.


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Actually i think this is a neat suit. Wish the pants fit properly and nice POLISHED shoes were worn to go with the outfit.


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Apart from the fact that the print of this pant suit is…well to me hedious, bright colours aren’t meant to be worn at night even for celebrities, so the combination of these two is a definate NO-NO, hence the question why? Why would Katy (whose wacky style was thought to be fun at first) do somthing like this to herself?

Hammer Time?

Posted in CELEBRITY WATCH, No-No's, WOMEN with tags , on April 9, 2009 by Jaiye Gesinde


     Was Jennifer Lopez having an Mc Hammer moment?