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Esquire’s best dressed real man 2010

Posted in LIFE, MEN with tags , on May 30, 2010 by Jaiye Gesinde

Ok so its here again, Esquire’s 6th annual best dressed real man in America, and to be honest…well I’m a bit disappointed with the 25 finalists.

In comparison to last years finalists this years’ aren’t quite as creative and daring. Most of the finalists this year either have to few pictures or moslty have the same type of attire in three-fourths of their pictures. This isn’t saying there werent some creative and daring ones with a good number of pictures, but to me they only really stand out so good because there isn’t much competition from the others i must say. If the best ones from this years selection were up against those of last year, well lets just say I don’t think they would stand out too much.

That being said, here are my top three picks from this years finalists:

CHRISTOPHER R. (Admissions Counsellor)

KAMAU H. (Web Newscaster/ Videographer)

KENTON W. (Retail)

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