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Behold, Zappelin Air.

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Image 2 - Zeppelin Air with iPhone Angle Beauty

When Bowers & Wilkins unveiled its original Zeppelin iPod dock in 2008, one look told us it was going to be special. Now B&W have gone and done it all over again with the Zeppelin Air.

Esquire has had a sneak preview of the system, and even though the look remains much the same from the outside (thankfully B&W has not tried to fix what patently wasn’t broken), it’s the internal changes that make all the difference. The dock is still there, but now, with wireless playback using Apple’s AirPlay, linking your iPhone, computer or iPad to stream music through the speakers is, ahem, a breeze. Set up a multi-room system and adjust volume in different locations, playing the same or different playlists on separate machines while using your iPhone to control one or more Zeppelin Airs throughout your house (the systems have a wireless range of about 30m).

Naturally, the sound quality has been overhauled as well, with B&W’s trademarked Flowport tech plus the four 25W and single 50W improved drive units delivering crystal clarity, even at bone-shaking volumes. But it’s the new Digital Signal Processing ability that shines for us. It neatly alters frequencies when necessary (notching up the bass at very low volume, for example, to stop audio going tinny), making sure you always get the best playback whether your trashing fuel prices over dinner or throwing tequila-fuelled shapes in the small hours., £500 (available in March)

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Louis Vuitton – Women’s Spring Summer 2011 Full Fashion Show

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Alice in London?

IMG_1904-1 by ilook2.

These shades look like a product of COCO and BREEZY. Like the T-shirt too.

Nice outfit, bad posture. Notice she’s carrying two hand bags.

Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring/Summer ft. Scott Campbell

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Be inspired.

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I….er……um….wha……who….. Maybe I’ll find the exact words someday, but for now BRILLIANT will have to do.

Now this is exactly what casual dressing should be; fresh, captivating, inspiring, daring, intelligent, fun, casual, rich, simple, beautiful. I just gave ten words, this picture literally gives a hundred times more.

New DMC??

From the Bottega Veneta show in Milan. Like the patterned suit, pretty interesting layering (double lapel?).

Karl Lagerfeld speaks

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He uses twitter though, not too often but he does.

Fabulous finalists

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I’ve recently been catching up with some of the fabulous finalists of the ‘Esquire’s best dressed real man in America 2010’ competition, and I’m pretty sure we can all see why they made the final cut.