I really wish i had something nice to say about Rihanna’s outfit, after all the Chris Brown drama, but this isn’t a sympathy blog. This is one of (probably in the top five) the ugliest suit jackets i’ve ever seen. I mean i can see what she was going for but the outcome is just awful.

    The gloves, pants and shoes are really nice, but the jacket makes her look (in my opinion) like a butterfly and i dont believe thats the look she was going for. Whats most annoying is that the suit is a Dolce & Gabbana.

     Dear viewers, just because an outfit is designer dosent mean it’ll automatically look good on you. Some outfits aren’t meant to leave the runway.


2 Responses to “Rihanna”

  1. That’s why there’s a red carpet and a it’s called a show, the stars are meant to put on a show. I like the intention but I don’t think I’d wear something like that. It’s prolly supposed to be a butterfly. I’d love to see in person, and I like the fact that she’s pushing the envelope with her fashion consciuosness.

  2. …Or it prolly the wings of a bowtie.

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