Apart from the fact that the print of this pant suit is…well to me hedious, bright colours aren’t meant to be worn at night even for celebrities, so the combination of these two is a definate NO-NO, hence the question why? Why would Katy (whose wacky style was thought to be fun at first) do somthing like this to herself?


One Response to “Why?”

  1. To be honest, I’m not bothered by what she wears, not that I’d wear it myself. but the notion that you have to “wear certain colors when” is what gets me. I don’t believe anyone should tell me how to dress at any time, if I like it and I feel good, and it doesn’t reasonably offend people’s sensibilities i.e. I’m not wearing transparent shorts or sumden, then I’ll wear it. The notion that you only wear colors in the spring/summer, or pink is gay or whatever, I just don’t buy that. I have 1 pink shirt, and two pink t-shirts, and someone was calling me gay last week? Not that I care, I’m about to buy pink shoes asap. lol.
    Having said all that, I wouldn’t wear what Katy is wearing, but Katy can wear what she likes.

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