More on the LG GD900 Crystal.

     I was never a fan on LG phones, i always insisted on Nokia, but recently Nokia has been letting me down. I always bought Nokia phones because they were durable, stylish, user friendly, and affordable. Now they still have some stylish phones, but not as stylish as some of their competitors, some of their phones aren’t as user friendly as they should be, their prices seem to now be in the range of their competitors, thus making them loose their advantage, and forget about durability. Every recent phone i (and alot of  ‘former Nokia die hards’ i know)have purchased from Nokia always seem to have one fault or the other, within the first six months.

I still use a Nokia at the moment(E51, which has a fault that two Nokia care centers told me cannot be fixed), but within the next two months or so, i’ll be switching my loyalty.

If LG play their cards right and keep realeasing amazing phones like this, they just might be ‘the new Nokia’.


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