For Accessories sake.

I have recently been asked about accessories quite a bit. How to wear them, what type to wear, what to wear them with, and even if certain pieces, a bow tie for instance can be worn as an accessory.

So I have decided that over the next few posts I will focus on accessories and shed as much light as I know on it. However before then, there are certain pointers I think should be known about accessories and wearing them, or as I like to say ‘learn the rules, then learn how to break them’.

With that said, keep this in mind before and when wearing accessories.

The ‘job’ of accessories is to detail your outfit, giving it character and depth, and making you stand out. Its said that details is what makes the gentleman, but what should also be said it that too many details could easily ruin your look. There are outfits and occasions where accessories would be complimentary, but you can also look as good without wearing any accessory. Yes accessories are great, I have quite a collection myself, but don’t feel the need to always wear some form of accessory when you dress up.

When accessorizing, there isn’t a specific amount to wear, but to be safe one or two pieces is standard, three is a maybe. Anything more HAS TO BE DONE TASTEFULLY. Remember accessories are meant to spice up your look, not be the spice of your look.

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One Response to “For Accessories sake.”

  1. Loving the beads… You cant go wrong with beads on men. Also Love the Camera.. very Retro !! And sunglasses are definitely a summer must have accessories!!

    Keep up the good work.

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