Alice in London?

IMG_1904-1 by ilook2.

These shades look like a product of COCO and BREEZY. Like the T-shirt too.

Nice outfit, bad posture. Notice she’s carrying two hand bags.


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  1. Blog seems to be taking a successful turn, I like the style and outfits, i think you’ve got some pretty awesome pictures too.. i do however think you need to include the prices too, and also add some affordable styles.

    Keep up the good work though.

  2. A lot of the pictures here are pictures of regular, everyday people that I think look good or have something to offer fashion wise. The fact that they are everyday people means that they probably shop in the same stores as you and I, so I’m guessing that most of the looks and outfits are affordable. Its just a matter of how the pieces were combined and how the look as a whole is pulled off.

    Thanks for visiting, taking time to leave a comment, and the encouragement. Hope you enjoyed going through the blog and visit again as often as yo can.

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