Navy blue, the new Black?

When I was young, I thought black was the ultimate colour for a suit. Of course the ultimate colour of a suit depends entirely on the person being asked. Their preference, their style, their individuality amongst a vast number of other possible reasons, however this post is not about the ultimate colour of a suit.

I really can’t remember the last time I saw someone wearing a black suit. A while ago grey was the new black, but it seems navy blue has taken over. And why not? I personally don’t know what it is specifically, but there’s something about a navy blue suit that makes the wearer look distinguished, sophisticated and exudes class. Even Le Ross, Esquire’s best dressed real man in Britain 2010, had three bespoke suits made recently, setting him back between £800 to £3,500 for each, all in shades of navy. He talked about it on his blog, and the first line he wrote is ‘At what point do you suddenly become aware that you’ve “made it’’?’

I am still of the opinion that every man should have at least one well fitting classic cut black suit in his closet, but if you want a suit that could possibly get you an upgrade from business to first class on an aeroplane, I think you should at least give a navy blue suit some strong consideration.


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2 Responses to “Navy blue, the new Black?”

  1. What brand of suit is that with the orange lining? Where can i get one or what style is it? Thanks

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