HATS…ways to pull them off.

Men’s Fashion Basics – Part 36 – Hats: A More Formal Affair

Hats are one of my personal favourite accessory pieces of all time. Apart from the fact that they add flavour to your outfit, they are also very versatile and can be worn in any season, providing warmth for your head in the cold periods and shade in the sunny ones.

There are as many reasons to wear hats as there are hat types, the important thing to remember when wearing one, is that like clothes, they should fit. Fit your head, the outfit your’e matching it with, the season and the occasion. One would look rather silly wearing a bespoke suit with brogue shoes and a knitted hat, to a summer wedding.

Another great thing about hats, be it a fedora, top hat or a drivers hat is that, they can be used to tone down a formal attire or smarten up an other wise casual or even sloppy look, giving it that casual/smart twist.

Also, when wearing a hat, you should consider the shape of your face. A person with a long oval face should wear a hat with a short brim. While a rounded faced person should opt for a hat with a wider brim.

As for colours, you might want to keep it neutral. Remember it is an accessory so it should be there to compliment your outfit.

At the end of the day though, as with any outfit put together, the confidence with which its worn is just as important as the pieces. No matter how well put together your outfit is, if you don’t carry it with the right attitude, it’ll seem flawed.

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One Response to “HATS…ways to pull them off.”

  1. nice page 🙂
    cant wait to see more pics

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