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Best dressed man and woman for 2010 (any suggestions?)

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So we’ve reached half of the year, many events have come and gone and many pictures have been taken and published. So of all the celebrities that have attended these events and shows and have been photographed, who do you think has always made a good impression, stood out, was well groomed and fashionably creative? You can make as many suggestions as you want, for the best dressed male and female celebrity for this year.

A list will be made up of  the most suggested male and female celebrities, out of which a winner will emerge  in each category as the most voted best dressed male and female celebrities. The first lists would be of the most suggested male and female celebrities and would be published on the 30th of July. The most voted best dressed male and female celebrities would be published on the 1st of September.

Please leave your suggestions in the comment link or e-mail them to


Esquire best dressed real man…fan favourite

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Ok a winner hasn’t been picked yet, but a fan favourite has, and he is….

SABIR. P (College Admissions Counsellor)

Style Questionaire

Q: How would you describe your personal style in a single sentence?

A: I would like to describe my personal style as a mixed of collegiate prep and business sophistication. Once I was told that I have the look of an urban professor and I am cool with that description as well.

Q: It’s a Tuesday. You’re going to work. What are you wearing?

A: Typically, you will find me in a 2 button, slim fit, double vented navy suit with a contrast collar shirt. Pairing the suit with camel colored oxford shoes and a Windsor knotted tie. Nice clean lines are key to my outfit.

Q: Who or what had the biggest influence on your style and how did it impact you?

A: My grandmother is and has been the biggest influence on my style. She worked at a dry cleaner for 35 years. It was her message to me of always having your clothes cleaned and pressed. She made sure my clothes fit properly, too.

I usually shop at the following stores:

HM,Heritage,Banana Republic,Express,Macys

My favorite brands include:

Polo,HM,Banana Republic,Guess