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On buying a watch.

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If you are a stylish man, you should already own a watch or two, but there is a difference between ownig a watch or set of watches and owning the right one or set.

When shopping for a watch, one of the most important factors that seems to be thought about the least if at all is, the purpose of the watch. Ofcourse the purpose of a watch is to tell the time, but if thats about the only purpose for your watch, you might as well get a $10 one from the next fuel station. On the other hand, if there is more than one pupose for your watch or you need a set for different purposes, then you should know some basics about purchasing a watch.


For an everyday watch, you should be looking to get one with one or more complications, meaning it should do more than tell the time. A good everyday watch will at least have a date window in addition to telling the time, but for most the chronograph is the ideal everyday time piece. As for the band, metal is a more durable choice but regardless of taste a leather band would do well too.

Avoid buying a digital watch for your everyday use. It might be fashionable and impressive, but your potential client might be of a different opinion. The everyday watch should be polished and professional.


The weekend is for unwinding and living, so the budget for the weekend watch should be resonably less than that of the everyday watch. For the weekend, you should be looking to get a watch that is durable and rugged. If you can find an inexpensive watch with mechanical movement great, if not get a solid one with quartz moment. It should be shock and water resistant, ask the sales man if you are not sure, if he says he isn’t sure, it probably isn’t. The band could be plastic, aluminium or steel.


This is the watch for special occassions. Its distinctive, timeless and damn good looking. Its one of those watches that has a feature that sets it apart from the rest. It should be a midsized watch i.e. not larger than 44mm with a fairly basic design and colour scheme that never goes out of style. It should definately be the kind of craftsmanship that produces mechanical movements.


This is the watch for very special occassions. Its the kind of watch worn with a bespoke three piece suit, bespoke shoes, bespoke shirt and even a bespoke tie. Basically when you are dressed to kill or meet  the Queen. Its the kind of watch you use as collateral when getting a loan from the bank. They are usually made of rose gold, titanium or platinum. This is a limited, limited edition. Whatever it may be, it should definately have something thats unique to it and only it.