Tag Heuer Monaco V4 (Limited Edition).


  • 5 notched belts including 2 with internal steel reinforcement wire.
  • 3 different transmission belts.
  • 2 identical barrel belts.
  • 11 micro ball-bearings.
  • 6 notched pulleys including the escapement pinion replacing the traditional pinions and wheels.
  • 48 swiss quality jewels.


  • 2 pairs of barrels in series, set in parallel and inclined at 13 degrees, storing 450g of energy each: 900g total strength.

Automatic winding system

  • Linear mass with double rack rail: 12g tungstene ingot.
  • Limited edition’s number (150 units).

Movement Features

  • 28,800 vibrations per hour.
  • …etc.

Watch Features

  • Platinum 950 case.
  • Beveled edge and curved sapphire strap
  • Folding buckle with double safety push-buttons in platinum 950.
  • …etc.

Basically, the Monaco v4 is the first watch to be powered by an engine similar to a car’s, i.e. with transmission belts. The idea is meant to resemble a piston in an engine, hence the v4. Price is $80,000 for each piece (of the 150 units made to celebrate Tag Heuer’s 150th anniversary)in the limited edition (save for the first piece that is being auctioned off for charity).


2 Responses to “Tag Heuer Monaco V4 (Limited Edition).”

  1. The richest man, Carlos Slim, in the world wears a plastic watch

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