Backpack Troubles.

Q:      I wear a suit to work most days and usually have to bring stuff (papers, books, etc.) back and forth. Right now I use a backpack, but it seems so high school. A briefcase, on the other hand, seems uptight. Plus, I like to have my hands free. What do you recommend?

Jeremy Cole.


A:     I think a briefcase would have been a fine choice, they don’t have to be uptight, but then you say you like to have your hands free. Ok, hears what i suggest. If you change your mind about or find a briefcase that isn’t ‘uptight’, you could get one with a shoulder strap. I currently carry a brown Hugo Boss shoulder bag, only just big enough to carry my 15” laptop and another pocket for a self development book, a magazine, a notebook(paper), and one of my phones. I think it’s the perfect compromise between a briefcase, and a backpack.


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