How many shoes should a man have?

How many shoes should a man have, is probably one of the oldest questions there is, when it comes to men’s fashion. This however is a question I believe might never get a suitable answer.

In my search for a possible answer to the question, three seems to be the conventional wisdom (and no, flip flops and slippers don’t count). But come on, is three really wise in these times? After much searching and delibrating, I’ve come up with an answer that should hold, till theres another breakthrough in fashion like the suit or shoes itself. And it goes a little something like this:

images[4]Ofcourse every man should have a pair of black dress shoes – no excuses, no exceptions. A pair of brown dress shoes would make alot of sense, as well as having a third in another colour (White, Gray,…). Thus making three dress shoes.

TopmanA classic pair of sneakers, like the Chuck Taylor all stars. A not so classic pair, like Vans or Plimsolls. And a pair of the hottest new trend, which for me, for now,  would be the LV Jaspers. Thus making three pairs of sneakers and six pairs of shoes altogether.

Timberland BootsA pair of boots. No matter your style or lifestyle or both, you should definately have a pair of boots (of your choice). Thus making seven pairs of shoes now.

shoesFinally, (and arguably the most important) three pairs of casual shoes. They make you look mature, but not old. Not quite formal, not quite informal. Cuts across all generations. The most versatile of all your shoes. All adding up to a total of ten.

A good amount of rotation, would definately add some logitivity to your shoes….and your style.


One Response to “How many shoes should a man have?”

  1. This is basic I think, cus you’d obviously need like 2 pairs for each shoe style, to keep the rotation.

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