Office Party Attire.

 Dressing for an office party can be tricky. I mean you want to look quite different from what your bosses and collegues are used to seeing on you. Afterall it is a party. Still believe it or not there are appropriate and inappropriate attires for office parties.

WOMEN: It is not good taste for a woman to dress “sexy” at an office party. At every big office party, at least one woman is wearing a low-cut, mini-high dress of sequins. In addition to that, at every office party are a percentage of women who are dressed just too sexy, and this is never appropriate.

                     Studies have shown that when a woman dresses in a classy, dressy pantsuit, she is more likely to be perceived as having a management position. For the record, why would you wear a pantsuit for this reason, when all your co-workers already know what position you have with the company — unless you want your co-workers’ spouses and significant others to think you’re in management?

What to wear? There’s nothing more modern for night than mixing everyday and dressy pieces, like a regular sweater (dual-function items save money) over a long, festive skirt. Or casual basics in fancy fabrics (charmeuse, lace, metallics) that give you the comfort of a tee, tank, or drawstring pant while still looking party-ready.

MEN: If a man is not sure what to wear (invitations can range from saying “casual,” to “informal” to “black tie optional”), he can never go wrong if he simply wears a black suit, white/black shirt. In fact, at office parties, it’s best for men to always wear dark suits.

The goal of both genders is not to stand out from the collective appearance of the office crowd. The idea is to show that you are part of a team, and a team player.


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