Dress shirts without front pockets.

Q:          More and more, I’m seeing dress shirts without front pockets. Are they more formal than shirts with two pockets, or are they just a fleeting fashion trend?                          

Ken Simplton.


A:          Personally, I prefer dress shirts without front pockets. I don’t like the idea of putting things in your front pocket(unless you really need that extra space), because they look bulky and in my own opinion distracts and detracts from the beauty of the shirt.

               Alot of European shirtmakers don’t put pockets on their shirts, assuming you’d be wearing (a vest and) a jacket with more than enough storage space. Hermès seems to have a policy that makes a bit of sense though: Its button-downs have pockets; its spread-collar shirts don’t.

             I also think dress shirts without front pockets adds alot of sleekness to your look.



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