Which wrist is which?

tag-heuer-Monaco watch-0509-lg[1]     

     I’ve heard that we wear the wrist watch on our left wrist, so the watch or the movement doesn’t get damaged. I’ve also heard we’ve historically worn watches on our left wrists because they’re easier to wind with our dominant right hands. But what if one’s watch is automatic? Or if it’s quartz, driven by battery? Or if one is left-handed? It’s also worth noting that a lot of watchmakers including Seiko and TAG Heuer make lefts, i.e. watches made with the movement reversed so the crown is placed at the nine-o’clock position instead of the normal three o’clock. That said I think it’s irrelevant today, what wrist the watch is worn on. What do you think?


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One Response to “Which wrist is which?”

  1. Iseki Harrison Says:

    I wear mine wrist watch on my right hand, i fel gud on it, it kind of changes the way i walk, i mean it make bore lik i can hit one person and forty re down.

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