The three piece suit.

ralph-lauren three piece -suit-0509-lg[1]

     As we all know wearing a suit with a vest will give you a ‘killer’ look. Pulling off the ‘killer’ look however could be more technical than you know. There are certain details you should consider before putting on the three piece suit. For instance, if your suit bears peaked or notched lapels, would it be appropriate for the vest to have lapels too? If it is, should the lapels be notched?

     These are questions that only the truly sartorial amongst us can attempt to answer. Unfortunately though, the answers aren’t straight forward.

     You see technically, wearing a vest with lapels is not wrong. Infact lapels on a vest look dressier and feel bulkier. But like most fashion rules, it is subject to preference. In my opinion though, the three piece suit makes you look grand enough, so wearing a vest with lapels I think, would be going over board.

     If you do choose to wear a vest with lapels however, know this: If your jackect lapels are peaked, your vest lapels should not be notched (this rule should not be subject to preference), unless the vest itself is double-breasted.  That’s for the top drawer sartorialists.


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