Dress shirt dilemma

A:          I have been invited to a wedding in Tuscany where I am going to be an usher. The bride and groom have asked me to wear a grey suit with a dress shirt. I always thought of dress shirts as something one wears with a dinner jacket: frilly, patterned or golf-ball front, possibly (though not exclusively) butterfly collars, etc. Clearly this is not required with a plain old grey suit. Can you cast any light on the subject?

Anthony Stanton.


Q:          A dress shirt would normally be described as one that is worn with either a black or white tie. It can either have an attached or detached collar. More often than not it will require studs rather than buttons, but if buttoned these will be concealed.

              Still the idea of wearing a dress shirt with a regular suit, sounds a bit strange, unless your friends meant a grey morning suit, as in tails. If not, then (in these circumstances) a dress shirt would probably mean a plain white plain-front long-sleeved well-ironed white shirt. Might I add that you should avoid a button-down collar.

             Also consider going for a button rather than a double cuff as you may want to take your jacket off and roll up your sleeves so won’t want to be bothered with cufflinks. Thomas Pink does a “Traveller” shirt, which has a special finish that minimises creasing and is in a two-fold cotton that helps keep you cool. I hear Tuscan heat is nothing to play with, could be a blessing.


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