Rosary as a fashion statement.

David Beckham adorns several rosaries

     The rosary as a fashion accessory became a craze about 5 years ago, and thanks to the likes of David Beckham and Britney Spears, it still is today.

     Back in 2004/2005 when they became a must have accessory, there were concerns by some catholic figures about how they were being worn (girls had been seen wearing beautiful rosaries over a low cut blouse so that the crucifix was lodged in their cleavage) and why it was thought it could be worn as mere jewelry.

     There was even an issue in Oregon U.S.A. about two teenage boys that got suspended for refusing to take their rosaries off ’cause it was ‘gang related’.

     At the end of the day though, my take on the subject is that it depends on your belief. I mean if it has a significant meaning to you, all well and good, but is it fair to lash out at those that adorn them as jewelry? Would you have an issue with someone wearing a cross as mere jewelry?

     Like every other thing in fashion, it’s a matter of taste.


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