Fact or Fiction

Q:     Is it acceptable to buy a fake watch? I hanker for a Panerai Luminor Marina, but I can’t afford a real one.    Stanley Edmund.


A:     Personally, I’d rather go watchless than own a fake classic. It wouldn’t matter if other people didn’t know. I would. You see, with a quality watch, you’re not just buying the stylish exterior but also the engineering masterpiece on the inside. I would equate buying a fake classic to buying a Lamborghini powered by the engine of a celing fan,(and just imagine how you’d look if people gave you props for the watch only to find out later that its been a fake all the while). Besides, part of the joy of owning a genuine work of art timepiece, is the length of time it took you to save  before you could acquire the watch. So be patient, aim for quality and start saving.


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