Trouser length blues

Q:     Please give me your advice on trouser length. I find that if the rear of the cuff is too long, the front bunches up. Mine are presently a half-inch above the heel of my shoes. Correct?

Very interesting blog, especially for the likes of me out of touch in Saudi Arabia.

Best regards,
David Eyles.

A:     Traditionally, men shorten their pants so that they break at the third shoelace from the toe of the shoe (or the equivalent for loafers, slip-ons and other styles of laceless shoes), the back of your trousers’ hem should then brush against the heel of your shoe slightly (cuffs should NEVER  fall below the heel of the shoe). However keep in mind that, that rule is general for casual pants. For suit pants the cuff should only just touch the top of your shoe. This gives a smarter and somewhat mature look. 

     Finally, remember that trouser length can vary from one style of pants to another. Jeans, for example, should generally hang a little longer than dress pants, but generally, tapered pants are shorter.

Thanks for the question, hope this helps.


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