The Arabian Scarf


     The Shemagh (another name for arabic scarf) has become the latest must have fashion accessory, and with celebrities like Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne and Jay-Z dorning them too, this ‘splash of spice’ is going to be here for a while.

    Before i go on, i’d like to talk about the origin of this scarf a little bit. First and foremost i’am wondering why its called an arab scarf when in fact its Palestinian (i guess to the average man every country in or even associated with the middle east is regarded as arab), and secondly the scarf came about as a political statement and has been around for decades, which again makes me wonder why it is all of a sudden fashionable.

When i first noticed the scarf i didn’t think much of it (thats really bad of me i know, as i claim to be on the rise to becoming a fashion icon) but now the more i see it the more i like it and want to get myself one….or two.

At the end of the day though i reall think you shouldn’t have ‘a look’, you should experiment with different looks, at least if you want to be regarded as fashionable, and this in my opinion is one experiment you definately should try.


2 Responses to “The Arabian Scarf”

  1. Ur sooooo 2000 and late with this. I haven’t worn my scarves in like 3months partly because winters over, and partly because I wore them to death. how r u going to wear them in gidi? U have to be chopping constant AC, they heat up.

  2. diggdis Says:

    well better late dan neva n don’t forget this blog only started early this year. There are light ones here which are ok for the weather here and besides its been raining cats and dogs for a while, so the weather is pretty cool.

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