Shoe Lacing Techniques…pt2

6 Lattice Lacing: latticelacing01

         Great for boots and sneakers with a wide gap, this very popular method forms a neat woven lattice in the middle of the lacing.

         Pluses:                                                        Minuses:

  • Very popular                                      Hard to tighten
  • Decorative look                                 Shortens ends

7 Loop Back Lacing: loopbacklacing01

         Each side loops back on itself down the middle, rather like when two springs become intertwined. However, those loop-backs tend to shift off-centre.

         Pluses:                                                        Minuses:

  • Decorative look                                     Laces wear more
  •                                                                   Centerline shifts
  •                                                                   Shortens ends 

8 Twistie Lacing: twistielacing012

         The laces are twisted together with a vertical overhand knot at each crossover before continuing to the other side.

         Pluses:                                                        Minuses:

  • Decorative look                                 Hard to loosen
  • Keeps lacing tight                             Shortens ends

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