Formal Belts


A smart belt is necessary for so many occasions, when you need the belt to remain elegant and uncomplicated. They are without any wild prints or patterns that instead of shouting will look sleek and professional. Matched with your suit trousers, chinos or smart jeans, these belts are generally narrower to complement the formal look.

The colours for the buckle are often metallic with gold, silver and the more contemporary gunmetal commonly used. Whilst they are generally simple in design, some may incorporate features such as subtle branding and textured metal effects. The height of the formal buckle should never protrude above and below the width of the leather section of the belt remaining in-line and looking smart.

These are predominantly leather belts with high quality stitching ensuring that they will last and made in darker colours such as black or brown. For some additional detail it is not unusual to find some leather texturing or patterning such as a snake print on the belt itself. Woven leather belts are also popular when a little extra detail is required with your formal attire.

Informal Belts


These belts are the perfect example of a contemporary men’s accessory, taking the traditional design of the belt and mixing it up with new colours, textures, stitching and inventive buckles to create brand new styles. Leather is predominantly used which can be coloured or printed in a whole spectrum of deigns and many incorporate extra detailing such as holes punched through, raised pyramids and rivets added – even slogans and logos can be found stitched to the leather. The entire construction can be even more diverse with woven leather belts available for those with a little creative flair.

The belt buckle is displayed at the front of your body in pride of place so you have to be sure that it says the right things about you. Designs can be as wild as you want with many different colours, patterns, fixings and embossed decals for example. Contemporary belts can be oversized, have jewels set on the buckle, heavy branding – the list of features really is limitless.

The huge number of fashionable belts from selected top designers means that you can be sure to find an item that expresses you and your image perfectly.


2 Responses to “Belts”

  1. The fashion belt looks nice and the designs are really creative but the buckle looks heavy and might be uncomfortable.

  2. Feeling these two belts.

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