Tokyo Flash ‘Barcode’


 This is the Tokyo Flash ‘Barcode’ stainless steel & LED watch. The four lines have been cut out for the unique time telling concept with white LED illuminating through the glass to give the time-date and day.

I think its a nice concept and everything, but what if today is the 23rd of august, would i have to count the dots to find that out? (dosent seem very practical does it?, unless you plan to wear it simply as a ‘showoff” accessory). Still havent figured out how this watch works. Can you?


3 Responses to “Tokyo Flash ‘Barcode’”

  1. Ha ha…na wa for you o. count 23dots.
    they obviously won’t make the watch like that. The concept of the watch is probably similar to other concept watches.
    The first two columns would probably represent the day or sumden.
    so 2 in column 1, and 3 in column 2 would be 23. the other two would be the minutes.

  2. the watch does look ugly tho

  3. i meant the first two columns would rep the hour, the other two the day.

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