How to wear Perfumes

Whether to don soft floral or woodsy citrus is not the only question when wearing perfume. Are there places on the body where perfume is more effective? How long do various types of perfume last in the bottle and on your skin? What are notes? How many notes are there? Here’s a definitive guide for how and when to don your most essential refinement, your fragrance. Your fragrance communicates as much about you as your skin, voice, and smile, so ensure that it’s speaking well of you.

The first step to find your signature scent is to test them. When testing a new perfume, give the notes ten minutes to unfurl for a complete olfactory picture to emerge. Your nose won’t be able pick up a perfume’s complexities if you test more than three fragrances at once; limit your testing to three at a time.

There are three levels of perfume “notes,” the top, middle, and base. The top note is the initial impression and will wear off within five minutes. This explains why you sometimes try a perfume, love it, and then discover that it’s really not to your liking after all. The middle and base notes first emerge ten and then fifteen minutes later.

Perfumes are strongest on pulse points where the blood flows the strongest, and the skin is the warmest on your body. For a full effect, dab on wrists, back of the ear, nape of the neck, chest, inside the elbow, and behind the knee. Spraying around your ankles allows the fragrance to “billow up” over time.

Perfume lasts longer on oily and moisturized skin, and on skin that has been “primed” with a matching fragrant oil or cream. Layering fragrances will ensure that the effect lasts longer. Layering could entail using the fragrance’s bath cream, followed with the line’s powder, then the perfume – or layering could entail wearing different but compatible fragrances together on different parts of your body.

Bear in mind how strong you would like your fragrance to be, based upon the time of year and the places you’ll be visiting. Light colognes and toilettes in citrus are ideal for summer wear. Parfum classics in heavy florals are best for formal outings. If you’re going to work in a heavy floral and sharing an elevator or cubicle, or sitting in on a meeting in a small conference room, you risk being inappropriately fragrant.


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