Fashion Must-Haves(women)

1) Little Black Dress

     Also known as LBD, this is on everyone’s must-have list and thanks to the innovative CoCo Chanel, it will most likely stay there forever.
The LBD comes in many styles to accentuate any body type. When in doubt, look for one with an empire waist, which is flattering on everyone.
The length needs to be just above the knee.  
This is a dress that can go from the office with pumps and a tailored fitting blazer to a dinner party with dazzling jewelry and strappy sandals.

2) Tailored Dress Trousers

     Gray, black and navy are always a good choice. Beware of pleats. These are not always the most flattering on many women. These need to fit well and be a length that works well with the shoes you will wear.
If your trousers are too long or baggy, you won’t look put together. A tailor can be your best friend when making alterations.
Trust me. It’s worth the money and you just may be surprised to find out how inexpensive a good tailor can cost.

3) Blue Jeans

     I recommend jeans with a little stretch to them for the bloated days. Jean fads come and go so select a pair that is a solid blue colour, not one that has tears, acid washed or jeans that have embellishments.
Boot cut jeans are the most versatile and look great with pumps, sandals, or boots.

4) Ballet flats

      These are great to wear with a cute casual dress, trousers, and jeans.
Ballet flats are a quick and easy way to dress up a multitude of outfits.
While you might be tempted to wear tennis shoes with some of these clothing items, keep in mind this is not a look you want to present to the public.

5) White Dress Shirt

     Think simple when making this selection. You want one that has a nice clean, crisp look to it. Layering it with a T-shirt or cami can change the look of an outfit with little effort.
Make sure the shirt fits well and does not gap open.

6) Pearl Necklace

      Every woman should have one of these, because they look great with every thing, from casual dresses, tshirts and jeans, to LBDs and evening gowns.

     I like to refer to them as investment pieces because they will be in your closet forever and will give you the most bang for your buck. If you can’t afford them, save up.

7) A-line Skirt

     This looks good on virtually any body type. Watch for trendy patterns, not everyone looks good in a leopard print or a floral skirt, not to mention it is not a classic nor, will they ever be.

8 Black Pumps

    Don’t worry you don’t have to wear stilettos to be in fashion. A two- to three-inch heel with a nice pointy toe will elongate your legs, and who doesn’t want long-looking legs? 

9) Tshirts/Camis

      Absolutely great to layer your shirts and add a splash of color to your wardrobe inexpensively. Make sure the neck line works for you. Most body types look great in a V-neck, but consider how you will be wearing it. Remember neutral colors do not have to be boring, but T-shirts and camis can also add a splash of color to make your wardrobe fun with and show off your personality. 

10) The Perfect Handbag

        Unless you have a lot of time on your hands (no pun intended), which most of us don’t, you don’t really want to have to change it with each and every outfit.
If you spend any time reading fashion magazines you will notice that bigger is better, but that is a personal choice.  When making a handbag investment, choose one that will work with numerous outfits. Often black or brown in a medium size will work best.


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