Suit Rules


    With an enormous amount of brands and even bigger amounts of fabrics and patterns, it might be a difficult task to find something you like, even with my tips that have my personal preference. However, that’s no excuse to dress sloppy or poorly, but still the streets are packed with people wearing the wrong combinations in sizes that absolutely do not fit them. Because of that, I’ve decided it’s time for some pointers in the right direction.

     So please click on the HOW TO WEAR A SUIT link under the pages heading. With these guidelines, you will always look good, slim and stylish. This does not, and I say NOT, involve personal preference, but these are strict guidelines to wear a suit, regardless of its price. Change any of them, and it will end up in a faux pas. Not everyone will automatically notice, since they’ve been subject to huge amounts of people buying their suits too big, too easily or in the wrong combos. So if you want to make sure, stick to all of them, believe me.


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