Cuff Detail

sleevedetail       cuff detail

Diggdis, a picture of a man in milan,  Italy. Note the cuff of the shirt. This is a style i’ve started to see alot more of, in recent times.  The cuff button is left undone, which makes the ‘sharp suit look’  look a little more subtle. Perfect for showing off your fancy watch.


5 Responses to “Cuff Detail”

  1. I dunno bout this, I’d have to c it physically to judge. but i fink its a lazy attempt at creating a style, if it can be sed to be one. It seems to be more of a personal style rather tho.

  2. Im more interested in what i think are single cuff sleeves (dunno what they are called) but what is your take on them?

  3. Reply to delaice.

    Some single cuffs have just buttons and some have buttons as well as cufflink holes, so its a matter of preference actually.
    I always have (and probably always will) preferred the proper cufflink shirt to the single cuffs with cufflink holes, and the single cuffs with just buttons.
    The only situation I think the singles with cuff holes work is if, you have to work in the day and attend a ceremony or dinner later without time to change. Although I dont think that is a good enough excuse. So its like I said before…its a matter of preference.

  4. Although the sleeve buttons usually cannot be undone, the stitching is such that it appears they could. Functional cuff buttons may be found on high-end or bespoke suits; this feature is called a surgeon’s cuff. Some wearers leave these buttons undone to reveal that they can afford a bespoke suit, although it is proper to leave these buttons done up.

  5. ^Thats in reference to the unbuttoned jacket sleeves.

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